Printed flowing trenchcoat

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                                                                                                    shoes: zara (old collection)
                                                                                                    pants: zara
                                                                                                    sweater: stradivarius
                                                                                                    coat: zara
                                                                                                    bag: stradivarius
                                                                                                    watch: casio
                                                                                                    ph. Olja

Transition to spring clothes can be really annoying cause you never know with the weather, but luckily there are so many versions of trenchcoat and this versatile piece was our main theme for workwear column in March issue of Elle Serbia.
If you're ready to switch to a lighter clothes, but still need to stay warm, the best solution is layering, so let's start:
- pick your bottom, cropped pants were my choice
- add a sweater, multicolored knit for example
- if it's not warm enough, shirt underneath is a must
- finished it with a flowing trenchcoat
- wrap a scarf over it if you are still feeling cold.
And that's it, you are ready to go!

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