In Frankfurt with Opel

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                                                                                                  all photos are made with my phone camera

If you are a true Instagram addict and by any chance following me over there, then you already know that I spent few days in Frankfurt am Main with Jelena in the middle of October.
Thanks to Opel, we attended the New Corsa launch and we had the opportunity to test it and drive it around this city of contrasts.
After we arrived at the airport, we had breakfast at cozy bistro and soon after that, we picked color of our car and started the journey. I'm crazy about the old school maps and already have a small collection of them, but I have to admit that equipment which includes the IntelliLink system with 7inch  touchscreen and apps such as BringGo, Stitcher and TuneIn is better than anything I have ever tried!
Our next stop was at the gorgeous mansion Neues Schloss Höchst where we had the official presentation and lunch and before we arrived at the Jumeriah hotel (with the incredible skyline view), we made one more pit stop at the place called Lodge, which is basically a restaurant above the Zoo, how cool is that?! After a power nap in the afternoon (or crazy running through the city like I had), we made it to the Kameha suite which was reserved for cocktails and dinner. We finished our test drive the day after and when we started to explore the city in a good old way, on foot. ;)
As a girl who doesn't know much about the engines, cylinders and other big words, what can I say about this car? Well, it's cute! :) It's comfortable and stylish, it's new and glossy. It's elegant and modern. Above all, it's safe car which is the most important thing.
Thank you Opel for spoiling us!

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